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Dr. Aivazian and Dr. Khalid and the entire staff at Apple Optometry are thankful for the opportunity to take part in your family’s eye care needs. We recognize you have a choice for your eye care needs and are committed to exceeding all your expectations.

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Dr. Carol Aivazian

Dr. Aivazian

Dr. Carol Aivazian takes pride in providing the one-on-one interactions required to solve eye health and vision problems and enjoys caring for the patients in Chatsworth, CA and surrounding communities.

Dr. Carol Aivazian graduated from optometry school at the Marshall B Kethchum University, formerly SCCO, in 1998. She wanted to become a doctor from the time she was in elementary school and gave her first presentation on the eyes in 5th grade. She had difficulty with her eyes when she was younger and the doctors back then were unable to help her. She vowed that when she became a doctor she would do everything she could to help children see better. She starts seeing children at the age of 6 months.

She strives to keep the latest technology for diagnosing diseases, and for fitting contacts. She believes in giving patients the best quality eye care. She is creative in fitting patients with contacts that will correct their visual needs, from multifocal to toric contacts, to orthokeratology to correct children’s vision. She specializes in seeing keratoconus patients and fitting them with rigid contacts or scleral contacts. She is patient and determined to work tirelessly with them to correct their vision with glasses or contacts to get them the best quality of vision. She will not give up on the difficult cases either.

Dr. Aivazian worked at a laser center full time for 11 years and thoroughly enjoys seeing LASIK patients. She loves to co-manage the LASIK process from start to finish.

In her free time, Dr. Aivazian enjoys spending time with her husband, son and daughter and their 2 dogs. She is a dedicated mom and loves to go on walks. She enjoys cooking and she and her daughter enjoy sewing and making crafts.

Our Staff

Staff members at Apple Optometry are well trained in their field of expertise and attend continuing education classes throughout the year. This creates an office culture designed for excellent patient care and personalized service.